Eiffel Tower and Parisian skyline

What to see near the Eiffel Tower in Paris

The best places to visit in Paris to combine your visit at the Eiffel Tower.

What to see in the 7th arrondissement

The Eiffel Tower is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, This is a rich and exclusive neighborhood in Paris.

Following monuments and museums are close by and easy to reach by foot.

  • Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel)
    The Eiffel Tower is a monument located in Paris, France. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world and a symbol of the city.
  • Trocadero
    A popular lookout point located across the River Seine, offering panoramic views of the iconic monument.
  • Les invalides
    Les Invalides is a building complex that houses several museums, including the Musée de l’Armée (Army Museum), dedicated to the history of the French military.
  • Musee d’Orsay
    The Musée d’Orsay is an art museum that features a collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings and sculptures.
  • Ecole Militaire
    The École Militaire (Military School) is a military academy located in Paris, France. It was founded in 1750 by King Louis XV and is one of the oldest military academies in the world.
  • Quai Branly Museum
    The Musée du Quai Branly is an ethnographic museum located on the Quai Branly, a street along the Seine River in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The museum’s collection includes more than 300,000 objects from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.
  • Alexandre III bridge
    Pont Alexandre III is an ancient bridge spanning the Seine River. Named after Tsar Alexander III, it connects the 8th and 7th arrondissements of Paris. The bridge is a popular photo spot for tourists and offers beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Rodin Museum
    This museum features the largest collection of works by French sculptor Auguste Rodin.
  • Champ de Mars
    A large public park located at the base of the Eiffel Tower, offering a green space to relax and enjoy the view.
  • National Assembly
    The Assemblée nationale (National Assembly) is the lower house of the French Parliament. It is located in the Palais Bourbon.

Other attractions to visit in Paris

Louvre museum

The Louvre Museum is approximately 2.4 km (1.5 miles) away from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You can easily reach the Louvre from the Eiffel Tower by taking a 30-minute walk along the Seine River, or you can use the Paris Metro system by taking Line 6 from the Bir-Hakeim station near the Eiffel Tower to the Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre station, which is right by the museum entrance.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You can easily walk there in about 25 minutes via Champ de Mars and Avenue Kléber, or take Line 6 of the Paris Metro from the Bir-Hakeim station near the Eiffel Tower to the Charles de Gaulle-Étoile station, located next to the Arc de Triomphe.

To access this monument and its viewpoint you will have to pay approximately 13 euros per person.

Notre Dame

Notre-Dame Cathedral is situated about 5.6 kilometers (3.5 miles) away from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You can reach it by taking a line 6 of the Paris Metro at the Bir-Hakeim station near the Eiffel Tower and disembark at the Saint-Michel Notre-Dame station, which is a short walk from the cathedral.

Disneyland Paris

The travel time from the Eiffel Tower to Disneyland Paris by RER train will take between 45 minutes and an hour.

It’s possible to combine both the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris when you are on a short city trip. However it’s important to plan well your transport and accommodation.

Best places to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower

Discover the best angles of the Eiffel Tower for your instagram photos.

From the Sacré Coeur (Sacred Heart)

One of the most beautiful points is from the Sacré Coeur, the best thing would be to go to this church on a clear and sunny day, from this viewpoint you will not only see the Eiffel Tower but also the city center. We recommend you go on a summer afternoon to be able to appreciate the gratitude while contemplating the tower.

From Trocadéro

Eiffel Tower from Trocadéro
Eiffel Tower in Spring, from the Trocadéro Gardens.

The Trocadéro is another viewpoint of the Eiffel Tower that is very easily accessible and where you can take photos from a medium distance from the tower.

Trocadéro square is illuminated at night, and it also has a huge water fountain that makes your views the most beautiful. You can climb some stairs if you want to see the tower from a little higher. We recommend that you visit this place at night, you can see the tower and the square along with the illuminated fountain,

Paris is one of the cities with the best lighting in the world, you can also appreciate the light show of the Eiffel Tower .

From the gallery Lafayette

If you like to see the Eiffel Tower from a very exclusive point of view, you can go up to the terrace. From the top you will be able to take some incredible panoramic pictures of the Eiffel Tower, also while contemplating the views you can sit down and have a drink, since this terrace also has a bar where you can order the best drinks accompanied by delicious tapas. It’s also possible to only go up to the top floor for the views. Since the entrance is free, you are not obliged to consume at the bar.

From the river Seine

The Seine River is our perfect viewpoint if you want to see the tower from different angles of the city, of course you will see the tower from below, but with those beautiful angles you will make your photos the envy of everyone. We recommend to navigate the river Seine, besides taking breathtaking pictures, you will be able to learn a little more about the other monuments since these boat rides will pass by the most important monuments of Paris, such as the Notre Dame.

From the tower ‘MontParnasse’

Another wonderful angle to photograph the Eiffel Tower is the Tour Montparnasse. This 210 meter tall skyscraper in the center of Paris has 58 floors. The elevator of this tower takes you to the top in less than a minute, where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the center of Paris.

From Center Pompidou

The Pompidou art center is another place that has a panoramic view of the Eiffel tower and the center of Paris on its terrace, and the most important thing is that it is completely free. We recommend you go on a clear and sunny day so you can take better photos of the city. It is a quite crowded but beautiful place to appreciate the views of the city.

From the Champs de Mars (Field of Mars)

Finally, and perhaps the most beautiful place to take the best close-up photos of the Eiffel Tower is Champ de Mars, a beautiful garden that surrounds the tower and where we can stop not only to take pictures but also to have a picnic. romantic at the foot of the tower. Anywhere in this garden we can see the huge tower or even go up to it because the entrance is right in the park itself. We recommend that you go on a day of the week when there are not many people or not at rush hour, as it is a park that fills up easily, not only with tourists but also the Parisians love to spend the day here

Eiffel Tower congestion

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